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The proceeds from the sale of shirts, hats, and personal donations to NRMERA will be used to fund the organization’s endeavors including standard operating expenses, graduate student conference registration waivers as part of the Gregory Schraw Memorial established in 2016, additional conference expenses not covered by registration fees and departmental donations, and future NRMERA initiatives. Thank you for your contributions to NRMERA! Please note: shirts and hats are pre-order items that will be delivered at the 2017 NRMERA Conference in Boulder, CO.

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We are the Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association (NRMERA), the regional affiliate of the American Educational Research Association. While our membership draws mostly from among researchers and educators in the Rocky Mountain West, we welcome all researchers and educators to be a part of our organization. We host a yearly conference as well as publish a peer-reviewed journal Educational Research: Theory & Practice

NRMERA is a research friendly learned society. Many of the current NRMERA members began their connection with this association as graduate students. It is our hope that each NRMERA member encourages graduate students at their institution to submit a proposal for this conference. In addition to graduate students, proposals from school administrators, teachers, and educational practitioners of all kinds are encouraged.

NRMERA is a supportive environment for all. As an organization that prides itself on providing a supportive environment for graduate students as well as more experienced members, NRMERA strives to provide a setting where one can present research, receive feedback, and learn from colleagues. Conferences like NRMERA offer a range of opportunities to make connections; however, as professionals, we are ultimately responsible for maximizing these opportunities when evaluating the success of our experiences. We encourage and invite graduate students, teacher educators, state and local administrators, and public and private educators to explore some of these opportunities to make ever-lasting connections.

Join NRMERA. Become a member of NRMERA and enjoy the benefits. A one-year membership is $25 and includes a yearly subscription to Educational Research: Theory and Practice, NRMERA’s peer-reviewed journal. The membership year begins November 1 and ends October 31. To keep your membership current, we offer automatic renewal subscriptions through the PayPal link below. Membership is automatically included in your conference registration so if you register for the annual conference, no need to pay anything additional for your membership for that year!

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