Amy Roberts, Co-Editor, University of Wyoming

Steven Locke, Co-Editor, University of Wyoming

The Recipient of the 2002 NRMERA Distinguished Paper Award

Literacy Instruction as Disciplinary Practice in a First-Grade English Immersion Class: A Foucauldain Analysis

Author: Patrick C. Maynak, University of Wyoming
Reference: Maynak, P. C. (2003). Literacy Instruction as disciplinary practice in first-grade english immersion class: A Foucauldian analysis. The Researcher, 17, 33-49.

Women and the College Presidency – Transforming Hope to Action in Smashing the Glass Ceiling

Author: Mark Magnuson, University of North Dakota
Reference: Magnuson, M. (2003). Women and college presidency: Transforming hope to action in smashing the glass ceiling. The Researcher, 17(1), 7-14.

Teaching and Learning Multiculturally: Stories, Theory, and Practice in an Early Childhood Setting
Authors: Amy Roberts & Steven Lock, University of Wyoming
Reference: Roberts, A., & Locke, S. (2003). Teaching and learning multiculturally: Stories, theory, and practice in an early childhood setting. The Researcher, 17(1), 15-25.

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