Steven Locke, Editor, University of Wyoming

Larry Rogien, Editorial Board, Boise State University

Suzanne Young, Editorial Board, University of Wyoming

Nancy Wentworth, Editorial Board, Brigham Young University

Richard Ponzio, Editorial Board, University of California, Davis

The Institutional Decline of Family, Religion, Government and Economy – The Increased Importance of Higher Education in Preserving American Values

Author: Clarence E. Burns, University of Montana
Reference: Burns, C. E. (2006). The institutional decline of family religion, government and economy: The increase importance of higher eduction in preserving American values. The Researcher, 20(2), 6-15.

The Freedom Insurgency – A Study of the Students’ Rights and Academic Freedom Movement

Author: Andrea Carter, University of Idaho
Reference: The freedom insurgency: A study of the students’ rights and academic freedom movement. The Researcher, 20(2), 16-25.

Left Behind – The Federal Government and Elementary Social Studies

Author: Peter William Moran, University of Wyoming

Reference: Moran, P. W. (2006). Left behind: The Federal Government and elementary social studies. The Researcher, 20(2), 26-35.

Theory-based Decision-making Strategies – Teaching High School Students Skills that Promote Logical and Socially Acceptable Decisions

Authors: Lydiah Nganga, University of Wyoming
John Kambutu, Casper College

Reference: Nganga, L., & Kambutu, J. (2006). Theory-based decision-making strategies: Teaching high school students skills that promote logical and socially acceptable decisions. The Researcher, 20(2), 36-45.

Continuing Education for Older Learners as a Means of Occupying Discretionary Time

Author: M. Wayne Alexander, Minnesota State University Moorehead
Reference: Alexander, M. W. (2006). Continuing education for older learners as a means of occupying discretionary time. The Researcher, 20(2), 46-53.

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