We are the Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association (NRMERA), the regional affiliate of the American Educational Research Association. While our membership draws mostly from among researchers and educators in the Rocky Mountain West, we welcome all researchers and educators to be a part of our organization. We host a yearly conference as well as publish a peer-reviewed journal Educational Research: Theory & Practice

NRMERA is a research friendly learned society. Many of the current NRMERA members began their connection with this association as graduate students. It is our hope that each NRMERA member encourages graduate students at their institution to submit a proposal for this conference. In addition to graduate students, proposals from school administrators, teachers, and educational practitioners of all kinds are encouraged.

NRMERA is a supportive environment for all. As an organization that prides itself on providing a supportive environment for graduate students as well as more experienced members, NRMERA strives to provide a setting where one can present research, receive feedback, and learn from colleagues. Conferences like NRMERA offer a range of opportunities to make connections; however, as professionals, we are ultimately responsible for maximizing these opportunities when evaluating the success of our experiences. We encourage and invite graduate students, teacher educators, state and local administrators, and public and private educators to explore some of these opportunities to make ever-lasting connections.

Join NRMERA. Become a member of NRMERA and enjoy the benefits. A one-year membership is $25 and includes a yearly subscription to Educational Research: Theory and Practice, NRMERA’s peer-reviewed journal. The membership year begins November 1 and ends October 31. To keep your membership current, we offer automatic renewal subscriptions through the PayPal link below. Membership is automatically included in your conference registration so if you register for the annual conference, no need to pay anything additional for your membership for that year!

Year Presidents Treasurers Journal Editors Graduate Student Representatives Program Chair/Conference Manager
2018 Elaine Tuft Tara Beziat Rod Case, Peter Cobin, Bob Ives

Oluwole Ilesanm

 Ann Sharp
2017 Athena Kennedy Elaine Tuft Shanon Taylor, Aaron Richmond, & Chris Was  Lisa Baaske Suzanne Young
2016 Shanon Taylor Elaine Tuft Chris Was Colleen Dragovich Richard Vineyard & Tammy Abernathy
2015 Chris Was Elaine Tuft Chris Was Anna Traecy Tara Beziat & Courtney McKim
2014 Bill Young Elaine Tuft Shanon Taylor Athena Kennedy Greg Zost & Bret Foley
2013 Aaron S. Richmond Elaine Tuft Shanon Taylor Chris Was & Randy Isaacson
2012 Brett Foley Elaine Tuft Shanon Taylor
2011 Pam Cantrell Leigh Smith
2010 Art Bangert Aaron S. Richmond
2009 Suzanne Young Leslie Rush & Kate Welsh
2008 Richard Vineyard Greg Schraw & Lori Olafson
2007 Chad Buckendahl Barbara Badgett & Susan Davis
2006 Michael Brunn
2005 Tammy Abernathy Richard Vineyard & Aaron Richmond
2004 Gail Ingwalson
2003 Nancy Wentworth
2002 Larry Rogien
2001 Ray Wong
2000 Marian McKenna
1999 Gary Alexander
1998 Shannon Butler
1997 Missy Parker
1996 Mary Lou Fuller
1995 Janice Fauske
1994 Gene Burns
1993 Charlotte Farr
1992 Steve Dempsey
1991 Hank Slotnik
1990 Joe Stepans
1989 Mark Clark
1988 Carl Edeburn
1987 Diane Peters
1986 Gary Render
1985 Amy Driscoll
1984 Wayne Lanning

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