Nancy M. Wentworth, Editor, Brigham Young University

Sydney B. Parent, Co-Editor, Brigham Young University

Formative Comparative Implementation Evaluation of AB Block Schedules in Two Utah High Schools

Authors: Joanne P. Ruttan, Adrian Van Mondfrans, Brigham Young University
Calvin H. Newbold, Jordan School District, Utah

Reference: Ruttan, P. J., Van Mondfrans, A., & Newbold, C. H. (1999).Formative comparative implementation evaluation of A/B block schedules in two Utah high schools. The Researcher, 14(1)7-24.

Educational Applications of Personal Construct Theory – Part Two

Author: Clifford Mayes, Brigham Young University

Reference: Mayes, C. (1999). Educational applications of personal construct theory: Part two. The Researcher, 14(1), 25-38.

The Effect of Using Rapping to Teach Selected Musical Forms to Urban African American Middle School Students

Authors: Omowale Akintund, University of Wyoming
Reference: Akintunde, O. (1999).The effect of using rapping to teach selected musical forms to urban African American middle school students.The Researcher, 14(1)39-49.

Beyond Character Education – Creating a Taxonomy for the Ontological Realm

Authors: Martin L. Kokol and William J. Fogt, Brigham Young University

Reference: Kokol, M. L., & Fogt, W. J. (1999). Beyond character education: Creating a taxonomy for the ontological realm. The Researcher, 14(1), 50-63.

Gender Equity in Science

Authors: Barry R. Thompson, Larry Rogers, and Carl Edeburn, South Dakota State University
Reference: Thompson, B. R., Rogers, L., & Edeburn, C. (1999). Gender equity in science. The Researcher, 14(1)64-69.

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