Reflections on Transformational Leadership – Leadership as Constancy in Change

Authors: Gary C. Alexander, University of Idaho, Boise

Reference: Alexander, G. C. (2001). Reflections on transformational leadership: Leadership as constancy in change. The Researcher, 16(1), 6-12.

Effect of Item Reversal and Anchor Choice

Authors: Alan D. Moore & Suzanne Young, University of Wyoming

References: Moore, A. D., & Young, S. (2001). Effect of item reversal and anchor choice in Likert scales. The Researcher, 16(1), 13-18.

Technology and Its Many Variants – Myths, Half-truths, and Realities

Author: David E. Yearwood, University of North Dakota

Reference: Yearwood, D. E. (2001). Technology and its many variants: Myths, half-truths, and realities. The Researcher, 16(1), 19-27.

Special Education Teacher Attrition – How Many Are Leaving – Where Are They Going

Authors: Darlene Anderson, Ronda Menlove, and Charles L. Salzberg, Utah State University

Reference: Anderson, D., Menlove, R., & Salzberg, C. L. (2001). Special education teacher attrition: How many Leaving? Where are the going? The Researcher, 16(1),28-35.

Reflective Practitioners – Learning from the Past, Acting in the Present – The Role of Reflection on Action in the Education and Human Development Professions

Author: Richard Ponzio, University of California, Davis

Reference: Ponzio, R. (2001). Reflective practitioners: Learning from the past, acting in the present: The role of reflection on action in the education and human development professions. The Researcher, 16(1), 36-40.